Environment & Responsible Mining

We are committed to ensuring that the environmental impact of our activities is minimised whilst the environmental benefits are maximised.

We are committed to the sustainability of our mining operations and the strict adherence to all relevant environmental laws and regulations. Comprehensive Environmental Management Plans are developed for each mining site to cover all stages of the mining process, and include measures such as bore hole monitoring and topsoil replacement. A number of TCME members also run corporate social investment CSI programmes with an environmental focus.

Our efforts to ensure environmental and responsible mining include:

  • Ensuring water safety from the scoping stage to mine closure.
  • Development of an environmental management plan for each individual site and constant monitoring, including annual audits.
  • Monitoring bore holes conducted throughout the lifecycle of each mine.
  • Replacing topsoil after mine closure to ensure that run-off is limited.
  • Ensuring TCME members are well informed of environmental sensitivities through consistent engagement and dialogue with environmental groups, and take action to mitigate any negative impacts at the earliest stage.
  • Strict use of export permits for gold detailing exact amount and source.
  • Treating local engagement as a high priority throughout the mining process in order to establish needs and priorities, as well as how TCME members can help to contribute towards those through local sourcing, employment and appropriate CSI programmes.
  • Continuous engagement of local government to ensure that local priorities are always understood and taken into consideration in our mining activities.
  • Close collaboration with stakeholders and partners, such as WWF, to develop and encourage best practice in the mining sector.
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