TCME Statute of Principles

  1. We are committed to promoting the sustainable growth of the mining sector in Tanzania.
    We seek to promote the sustainable growth of the mining sector in Tanzania for the benefit of mining companies and Tanzanian citizens alike. We will continue to encourage industry actors to put sustainability at the forefront of their considerations to ensure future generations will also be able to enjoy the advantages of growth and development
  2. We are committed to ensuring our mining operations are fully compliant with Tanzanian regulation and legislation and the pursuit of best practice.
    Our members work tirelessly to ensure they are in full compliance with all relevant environmental, financial, and health and safety legislation. This includes adherence to regulation contained within the Mining Act and the Environmental Management Act amongst others. We are also proactively supportive of the Tanzania Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (TEITI) and disclose all payments made to the government to promote accountability and transparency.
  3. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety, welfare and motivation of our employees.
    Our success is dependent on our workforce. Specialised skills training, paying a fair wage and employment of Tanzanian nationals are just some of the measures we are committed to in order to ensure the wellbeing of our employees. Our practices are in full compliance with International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards and our health and safety policies go above and beyond the standards set by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority Act. A number of mine sites also provide a range of facilities for their employees and their families such as schools, interest-free loans for low-cost housing and medical insurance.
  4. We will strive to ensure the maximum benefit to the Tanzanian economy is leveraged through activity in the mining sector.
    Through member operations there are a number of ways in which our activities contribute to Tanzania’s economic growth and wider socio-economic development; for example, through tax revenues, rising employment, sourcing from local businesses, promotion of further inward investment, infrastructure development and corporate social investment (CSI) programmes. TCME members currently generate government revenue by paying taxes, duties and royalties exceeding Tsh 250bn every year, and for every job created by a TCME member company numerous further jobs are generated thanks to the multiplier effect.
  5. We are committed to engaging and supporting local communities.
    We understand the necessity of engaging local communities in areas where mining companies operate at all stages of the mining process. Engagement is not only critical to the sustainability, integrity and success of our operations, but also enables us to better understand how to maximise our contribution within these communities.
  6. We are committed to ensuring that the environmental impact of our activities is minimised whilst the environmental benefits are maximised.
    We are committed to the sustainability of our mining operations and the strict adherence to all relevant environmental laws and regulations. Comprehensive Environmental Management Plans are developed for each mining site to cover all stages of the mining process. A number of TCME members also have corporate social investment (CSI) programmes with an environmental focus.
  7. We will continue to support Tanzania’s development through various CSI programmes.
    Our members run extensive corporate social investment (CSI) programmes, many of which are developed in consultation and collaboration with local communities. These programmes focus on a number of key areas, for example, environment, health, education and economic diversification. The programmes include training and capacity-building initiatives in areas including agriculture, carpentry and small-scale mining, as well as microfinance programmes.
  8. We will continually seek to find ways to ensure and improve upon current best practice.
    We are committed to continually exploring and developing new ways to improve our operations and set high standards for best practice. Through dialogue with stakeholders at the local, national and international level, as well as through consultation with mining experts, we seek to ensure our pursuit of best practice is always fully informed.
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